A substation is a part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system. Substations transform voltage from high to low, or the reverse, or perform any of serveral other important functions.

From the initial land procurement to final testing, we can handle your substations.

We use subcontractors for concrete foundations and testing to ensure our customers get the best product in the business.

We construct the remainder. No detail goes unnoticed. With our expertise, we pride ourselves in a polished finished product.

Ensuring that electrical energy is generated at the same rate at which it is consumed is planned into the substation efficiency.

Substations are electric transmission networks that are interconnected into regional, national and even continent-wide networks.

Multiple power sources are connected to the substation providing for the seamless transference of electric power. They make available routes for power flow input and output as it relates to surrounding area substations.

We build “The Grid”.

Substations and inherent sophisticated control systems balance the energy generation with the rate of consumption determining the maximum reliable capacity of each line and coordinating the availability of power.

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