Emergency Response

Emergency response or storm repair can require expertise in a variety of fields, some are emergencies and others are like marathon productivity.

In short, we’ve seen our share of storms and have the experience and capability to respond quickly and safely to restore your service. Power outages can be classified into three different categories.

  • Permanent Fault: a massive loss of power typically caused by damage to a power line and power is automatically restored once the fault is cleared
  • Brownout: a drop in voltage in an electrical power supply, often when lightning causes the voltage to sag or stutter
  • Blackout: the most severe outage, a total loss of power to an area and depending on the nature of the blackout and network configuration affected, the outage can last from a few minutes to a few weeks


•  •  •  C O N T A C T  U S    •  •  •

A crucial element in meeting a clients’ needs is our ability to react promptly to the emergency and respond to any request for storm restoration assistance with expert professionalism. We believe it is important to bring solutions safely and quickly to situations where chaos can sometimes prevail.

With an extensive fleet, well-rounded employees, and the ability to respond to your storm needs, Ward Electric will be there.

We build “The Grid”.

Storm repair demands agility, immediate response, and professional service to assist in sometimes volatile conditions. A pre-planned strategy is critical for success. Methodologies are practiced regularly with standard safety procedures. Preparation and experience makes the difference.

All of our crews can mobilize at a moment’s notice to get the power back on as safely as possible. We take pride and ownership in serving you.
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