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From a new outlet to LED lighting needs, our team of wiremen can handle any apparatus thrown at them.

We have the experience in powering your warehouse or your house to make sure when you flip the switch, your power comes on.

We are licensed and insured with commendable safety credentials.

As a full-service electrical contractor, we provide specialized construction work for project design, budgeting, engineering, permitting, installation and maintenance of electrical systems.


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Reliable electrical systems is a requirement for every business and home. Your security system, your computer system, temperature control system, machinery and even your lights and break room all need reliable power.

That’s where we come in. We keep you up and running so you can keep your business or home running smoothly.

We have extensive resources to satisfy all your commercial, industrial and residential needs and can handle your next electric line project.

Our experience is extensive and so are our resources.


Residential electrical contractors specialize in customer service and with skill and style, safely power the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Commercial electrical contractors install lighting, power, and communications in buildings and communities.

Industrial electrical contractors design and build power plants that generate electricity to be safely carried through high-voltage lines and substations powering facilities, buildings and homes.

From installing new power to your equipment, your office lighting or your parking lot lighting to adding outlets or upgrading to industrial scale power resources, we are qualified to solve your needs.

Contact us with the requirements of your next electrical power project.

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