The JoyForWARD Foundation was launched by brothers Mark and Matt Ward in early 2022 to honor their late mother, Joyce.

Joyce Ward co-founded Ward Electric Company, Inc. in 2005 alongside her husband Mike.  Until her passing in February of 2020, the president of Ward Electric and the matriarch of the Ward family, was passionate about her faith, her family and helping others. JoyForWARD looks to carry forward her passions and share her joyous heart.

JoyForWARD offers both grant and hardship assistance.  It supports faith-based education and youth programs as well as organizations which support special needs, including Down Syndrome and hearing impairment inclusion, education, research and initiatives.  The Foundation may also provide emergency relief and hardship assistance to those in need due to sudden illness, death, accident, violent crime or other emergency hardship.

Grant Requests: To begin the grant request/nomination process, email the following information to;

  1. Your mission statement
  2. The donation amount you are requesting
  3. A short description of what the funding will be used for
  4. If applicable, details of the event

You will be contacted if a full proposal or other supporting materials are needed.  Request a hardship application via the email address above.