Full Service Electrical Power Contractor

Established in March of 2005, Ward Electric Company has the experience and equipment to engineer, design, build, repair, restore and maintain all facets of electric power line installation. This includes EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) project management, inspection, and emergency storm repair. We also have the capability and expertise to design and build commercial, industrial and residential electric projects. With the increasing demand for clean energy, we have added renewable energy to our project list, completing several transmission/distribution lines for wind & solar generation projects.

Our capabilities extend through the engineering of transmission and substation projects, overhead and underground jobs, fiber optic delivery, substation construction and upgrades, to storm repair services.

We service private companies, cooperatives and even government entities. Our service area includes Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota. We have worked coast to coast, including New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Florida and as far west as California. We pride ourselves in being wherever you need us to be, whenever you need us to be there. In order to more adequately serve the needs of our clients, our new location opened in February 2018 in Sioux City, Iowa.

Our reputation for quality, professional service, and impeccable safety requires a lot of talented people, special equipment, and financial strength. We can deploy these resources promptly; whenever and wherever clients need them. We have the experience to quickly assemble crews to assist in any emergency restoration situation.

Ward Electric Company is well-positioned to engineer, bid, accept and complete your project.


Electric power transmission is the bulk movement of electrical energy from a generating site, such as a power plant, to an electrical substation.
The interconnected lines which facilitate this movement are known as a transmission network.
Electric power distribution is the local wiring between high-voltage substations and customers.
In North America, the combination of the transmission and distribution network is commonly called “The Grid”.


We Build "The Grid"!


Mission Statement

The mission of Ward Electric Company, Inc. is to serve our community, our customers, and our employees by providing a safe work environment with the highest possible service to each customer for all projects that are awarded to us. Our competitive focus is to win contracts based on our standard of excellence, good prices, and on time delivery of the project. When one of our projects is completed, we have no doubt that our customer is completely satisfied.

“Our Company Motto Is: On Time, On Target, With Quality.”

The employees of the Company will constantly strive to provide our customers with excellent service. We consistently strive to provide a higher level of customer service than any of our competitors. This ensures maximum oval benefit and long-term benefit for our customers. The Company strives to create and provide a positive work environment where management and employees can work together as a team for our mutual benefit as we serve the needs of our customers and the community.